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Ume is a fast bracket based on jquery+less+swiper+animate. It is dedicated to help front-end engineers quickly build their own models and frameworks in a wide range of front-end work. Users can use all kinds of common application interfaces through jQuery, enrich the whole project's dynamic with animate, and use less editor based on node environment to quickly preview the whole project. In the later period, we will add the element component library to enrich the ume bracket.
  • why need it?

    Ume can be widely used in various scenarios, especially mobile platforms, to help product designers and front-end build clear, rational, efficient and easy to use projects.

  • What's the advantage of it?

    Ume is component-based, modular and widely versatile. It also supports other front end frameworks when it's rapidly building projects, and greatly improves the efficiency of front-end engineers.

  • super simple installation

    Before that, you may need an edit environment based on node.js

    Download or link

    You can download the ume bracket to your project directory in advance, and you can also link the following ways.

    The link address of the CSS component:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href=""> <link rel="stylesheet" href=""> <link rel="stylesheet" href="">

    The link address of the JS component:

    <script src=""></script> <script src=""></script> <script src=""></script> <script src=""></script> <script src=""></script> <script src=""></script>
    update log

    ume 1.7

  • 1.1 The tweetmax library test is over, It is no longer suitable for ume, so we choose anime.js As the main animation framework of ume
  • 2.1 Upgraded less to be compatible with scrollrevolutionary
  • 2.2 Upgraded scrollreveal
  • 2.3 Upgraded swiper, The reference name of swiper is modified
  • 2.4 Upgraded animate.css, new animate.css class name of the call has been modified. You can't upgrade it directly. However, we use the old version of the class method. As before, we may give up this method in the future
  • 3.1 Rewrite the upload method in the form
  • 4.1 We have added a lot of mixed mode methods, but these are still in the experiment
  • 5.1 We have added the class name of quick location, now you can freely control your element location in HTML
  • 6.1 A lot of details have been modified. If you upgrade the old version, please compare the results in detail
  • 10-08-20

    ume 1.6

  • 1.1 The tweetmax library was deleted because it was too complex to be our original intention
  • 2.1 We optimized iconfont and updated the version, but the format returned to woff because of the annoying IE
  • 2.2 Material icons has changed some rules and referenced classes, which are now more intuitive and concise
  • 3.1 Some commonly used color icons are added to make up for the lack of material icons, including language, organization, and pay. We will continue to increase in the future
  • 4.1 Optimized the color preset, removed the stroke color, increased white transparency and black transparency
  • 5.1 Several examples have been added to the demo
  • 6.1 Added scrollreveal, Make the interface more dynamic
  • 7.1 Swiper has been upgraded and its style has been deeply optimized. However, this version no longer supports IE. to be compatible with IE, please use swiper5
  • 8.1 Re optimized video, pictures and other resources
  • 9.1 Fixed a lot of details to solve some common problems
  • 08-05-20

    ume 1.5

  • 1.1 Temporarily removed zepto.min.js, Because of compatibility
  • 2.1 Fixed known compatibility issues
  • 3.1 No more checkbox and radio, Because it uses a cooler way
  • 4.1 Updated the code for admin
  • 5.1 The form has been re optimized
  • 6.1 Some old naming methods have been changed, which is very important
  • 04-02-20

    ume 1.4

  • 1.1 Cleared all code compatible with older IE
  • 2.1 Some basic frames have been adjusted
  • 3.1 Add the tweenmax library, and now you can use ume to develop games
  • 4.1 Welcome to the first internal test version of admin, please be careful to use it for formal projects
  • 5.1 Updated supporting pictures, videos, music and other materials
  • 6.1 The demonstration code is written for some modules
  • 7.1 Added color query and icon query
  • 8.1 Restored some settings beyond the principle
  • 03-15-20

    ume 1.3

  • 1.1 Modified the alignment class of float
  • 2.1 Added bottom menu of mobile phone
  • 2.2 Standardized the structure of the pop window
  • 2.3 Added tab switching
  • 2.4 Added specification of menu
  • 2.5 Added six examples of swiper
  • 2.6 Added example of title
  • 3.1 Added visual listing of materialsicons
  • 01-10-20

    ume 1.2

  • 1.1 add swiper.animate.min.js make the swiper more beautiful
  • 2.1 The use scenario of mobile terminal is reconstructed
  • 3.1 Preset many mobile settings
  • 4.1 Removed many expired methods
  • 5.1 add zepto.js JS library for mobile terminal
  • 6.1 add video demo and music demo and photo demo
  • 7.1 add materialIcons as icon library of ume
  • 06-27-19

    ume 1.1

  • 1.1 Updated versions of various plug-ins
  • 2.1 Modified Location Logic
  • 3.1 Style of adjusted scrollbars
  • 02-15-18

    ume 1.0

  • 1.1 The name of the project is changed from mreset to ume
  • 2.1 The definition of some elements has been added
  • 3.1 In addition to several style problems on IOS
  • 04-15-18

    mreset 0.6

  • 1.1 Add hover.css rich dynamic trigger
  • 1.2 Update the html for hover
  • 2.1 To modify a in Apple computer error
  • 3.1 Update the other details
  • 08-10-17

    mreset 0.5

  • 1.1 Update the less version
  • 1.2 Update the jquery version
  • 1.3 Update the respond version
  • 1.4 Update the html5shiv version
  • 2.1 Add jquery 1.11.1 support Internet Explorer 6/7/8, but not write in html
  • 3.1 Remove the input padding on a mobile device error
  • 05-02-17

    mreset 0.4

  • 1.1 Update the less JS version
  • 2.1 Add animate.min.css
  • 2.2 Modify the animate.min.css connection
  • 3.1 Remove the eggs
  • 4.1 Adjust the logical sequence of CSS
  • 4.2 Adjust for JS sequence
  • 03-23-17

    mreset 0.3

  • 1.1 Update some rules
  • 2.1 Delete the weblit input style, especially IOS, very ugly
  • 3.1 Update the default HTML
  • 4.1 Delete '.Major' this obscure label
  • 10-12-16

    mreset 0.2

  • 1.1 Update the less JS version
  • 2.1 The addition of animate, used to dynamic effect rich page
  • 3.1 Add an egg in style.less
  • 4.1 To revise some globally defined logic
  • 5.1 Add Microsoft desktop box
  • 05-02-16

    mreset 0.1

  • 1.1 Basic deployment
  • 2.1 Add less support
  • 2.2 Add jquery support
  • 3.1 Add the IE version compatibility
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